About the clinic


  • Spacious, natural light physiotherapy clinic.

  • Fully equipped private treatment rooms.

  • Gym for end stage rehabilitation.

  • Convenient location close to Junction One retail park in Antrim. It has easy access to the M2 and A26 to Ballymena.

  • Continuity of care by an experienced physiotherapist.


Why Antrim Physio?

  • Proven track record (since 2003) with referral from specialists, Surgeons, GPs and through personal recommendation.

  • Patient goals and care are our number one priority combining evidence based protocols with our clinical expertise to result in effective treatments.

  • The physio has a wealth of experience treating sportsmen (elite and weekend warriors).

  • Ergonomic advice for office workers who have a unique set of postural problems.


•    Physiotherapy

Find out how Physiotherapy can help you?

•    Acupuncture

Our experienced acupuncturists do their thing!

•    Electrotherapy

It's much nicer than it sounds and the benefits of electrotherapy are amazing.

•    Injury Rehabilitation

Have you been injured and need to get back on the road to fitness?